Can I apply?



The principal objective of the Association is to provide housing for elderly people of limited means and priority will always be given to people living in rented accommodation or occupying service tenancies. However, consideration will be given to other categories of applicants including, in certain circumstances, owner-occupiers.


The basic requirements for being considered for the tenancy of one of the Association’s flats are:


(a) all prospective applicants must normally be  65 years of age,


(b) as warden supervision only is provided, with no nursing or domestic help, the applicant must, on taking up a tenancy, be able to manage a small flat including cooking, shopping etc.


In the allocation of tenancies from the waiting list, consideration is given to:


(a)   Housing need, in particular homeless or potential homelessness and the conditions under which the applicant is living.


(b)   The length of time the applicant has been on the waiting list.


(c)   Where there is equality in the housing needs of particular applicants, priority will be given to those who have at some time lived in the Borough of Epsom and Ewell or have close relatives living in the Borough.


(d) Priority is given to applicants without a home of their own, or in service accommodation, before consideration is given to owner-occupiers of property.


If you wish to discuss your application, please contact The Housing Officer, “Coulthurst”, 13, St. Martin’s Avenue, Epsom KTl8 5HZ. The Housing Officer can be contacted on 01372-748558 or by email: